Connecting with People Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programmes

The programmes have been specifically developed for people working in a high pressure environment. They have significantly increased awareness about mental health issues and provided managers with the knowledge to identify early warning signs of stress, anxiety and depression. Please click here to read a case study, which details these improvements.

The Connecting with People workplace training programmes are all between 1 and 2 hours in duration to minimise the disruption to the business operation.

Two of our principal Trainers also advise both the coalition government and the shadow government on mental health policy.

All of the Health and Wellbeing programmes shown in the table below would include information about your organisation’s wellbeing provision. We work with your HR and Occupational Health people to make sure that our training would support and promote the internal resources.


Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers2 hours
Senior Manager Briefing on Mental Health1 hour
Bite Sized Mental Health Briefing1 hour
Mental Health Awareness in Organisations2 hours
Resilience Development Training2 hours
Emotional Resourcefulness Training2 hours
Peer to Peer Support Networks8 week programme, 2 hours per week
Get Well Fitness Health ManagerSoftware package 20 minute online self-assessment survey with
Physical and Emotional Wellbeing Measures


We also offer bespoke programmes to meet the needs of your organisation.