Programmes for all staff

Bite-Sized Mental Health Briefing (1 hour)

The purpose of the bite-sized briefing sessions is to engage people in the topic of emotional wellbeing and the impact that poor wellbeing can have on workplace productivity.  The session provides an opportunity to speak to someone who has personal experience of managing their own mental health issues in the workplace.  Someone from the Group HR function closes the session by providing a briefing on the in-house wellbeing programme and resources available.


  • Aware of the stigma associated with mental health
  • Encouraged to do something about it
  • Knowledge of how to identify employees who have mental health problems
  • Advice and guidance on managing our own mental health
  • Keep talking about mental health



Mental Health Awareness in Organisations (2 hours)

This session aims to develop empathy and challenge stigma by helping participants develop their understanding of why people experience stress anxiety and depression and how the pressures of life events can lead to mental health issues.


  • To reduce stigma about mental health
  • To increase participants’ understanding of stress, anxiety and depression

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Have discussed the myths associated with mental health and suicide and barriers to seeking help
  • Understand the causes of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Understand the causes of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Understand the early warning signs of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Learn how to talk to someone experiencing emotional distress
  • Understand where to seek support for someone internally and externally

Resilience Development Training (2 hours)


  • To increase participants’ ability to cope with emotional distress or stressful life events and support colleagues to do the same

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Be able to define emotional resilience and how to develop it
  • Understand the relationship between stress tolerance and resilience
  • Understand the myths associated with mental health and how to overcome the barriers to seeking help and support
  • Know the factors that influence emotional resilience
  • Have developed a plan to build their own emotional resilience at work
  • Have developed a plan to maintain their resilience when under pressure



Emotional Resourcefulness Training


  • To increase participants’ understanding about the importance of emotional wellbeing
  • To increase participants’ awareness of the key components of emotional resilience
  • For each participant to develop a plan to improve their emotional resourcefulness

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the definition of emotional wellbeing and emotional resilience
  • Understand how stressors can have impact on emotional wellbeing
  • Understand Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Have written down what they need to do to maintain their 5 a week for emotional wellbeing
  • Developed a plan to improve their emotional resourcefulness
  • Write down their resourcefulness plan



GetFit Health Manager Online Programme

GetFit Health Manager is an award winning health assessment and engagement service and an excellent first step in providing a supportive environment that encourages healthy behaviours.

Developed by leading health professionals using a strong evidence base and stringent health guidelines, GetFit Health Manager helps individuals to identify and reduce health risks and manage chronic conditions through better lifestyle choices.

Powerful management reporting features allow stakeholders to assess participation, behaviour change and health outcomes across their populations over time and identify health risks that may require attention.

Unlike standard health assessment tools, GetFit Health Manager has a number of unique and powerful features designed to improve participation and health improvement within a population. Some of these features include:

  • A holistic overall assessment of an individual's health including medical, lifestyle, professional and psychological wellbeing
  • Context driven communication using an individual's personal situation (lifestyle and health outcomes) to make connections between areas of concern within their health report thus providing relevant and timely support
  • Clear communication of health risk and the interdependencies between health factors together with reinforcement of positive health behaviours
  • Disease risk assessment and condition management programmes as standard
  • Goal setting, reassessment and progress reporting for every participant
  • Seamless integration of award winning intervention programmes from the individual's health report to help them take the next step (optional)

GetFit Health Manager is designed to:

  • Assess and report on health risks within a population, allowing action to be taken before illness can manifest and impact on profitability and productivity
  • Give a holistic overall assessment of the user's health, including medical, lifestyle, professional, and psychological wellbeing
  • Encourage users who have positive behaviours to continue positive lifestyle choices
  • Give clear guidance on areas that can be improved, explaining the benefits of change to the user based on the user's personal profile characteristics
  • Illustrate how different areas of health and lifestyle interact to produce ill health and reduced wellbeing (a joined up solution)
  • Give clear risk assessment of the user's future health and communicate this to facilitate personal behaviour change
  • Support and enhance the services of our healthcare partners to better manage the health of their client populations