Connecting with People feedback 2

Connecting with People - Train the Trainer Programme

Nick Barnes, Founder; 'Suicide-Safer London CIC', Consulting Trainer, LivingWorks Education Inc.

‘I recently completed the Connecting with People Train the Trainer programme as part of my professional development, and was delighted to take part. Not only did Alys and Gavin deliver the programme with innate passion and sensitivity, but they both built and maintained a sense of safety and space within which we were able to learn and explore a particularly difficult and challenging area of our work. The subject of suicide was presented with dignity and compassion, with the value of the level of deep insight only gained through many years of expert clinical experience. I was pleasantly reminded I still have much to learn, and certainly now feel a marked increase in confidence working directly with Primary and Secondary Care. I highly valued the opportunity to learn more and work intimately for 2 days with one of the UK's leading organisations in the development of suicide prevention programmes. Recommended in the strongest possible terms.’

Suzie Wilson, Quality and Practice Development Nurse

‘I would highly recommend the Connecting with People Suicide Awareness Module to all Health Care Professionals. It has transformed my understanding of suicide and self harm and given me the confidence to talk to people about their suicidal thoughts. I had assumed that dealing with suicidal patients in acute care was best left to psychiatry liaison teams; through this module I have learned that everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention.I feel very privileged to have attended the exceptional Connecting with People Train the Trainer module. The module is delivered in a relaxed environment and the opportunity to receive supportive feedback from facilitation experts is invaluable. I have tried GPJ and ACKs techniques for dealing with colourful characters in training sessions and they really do work!’

Rachel Robbins, Quality and Practice Development Nurse

‘Connecting with People has given me a greater understanding of why people self harm and have suicidal thoughts, and the confidence to ask questions about their thoughts and feelings in order to help them and the confidence to assess whether a person is at immediate risk of harming themselves or not.The teaching materials and facilitation skills in the Train the Trainer Programme are exceptional. Having the opportunity to facilitate a section of a module and receive feedback from such experienced facilitators is invaluable. By being made aware of support networks available for people with suicidal thoughts and self harm I am now able to ensure that the individual would be able to identify appropriate support.

Alys and Gavin understand the importance of creating a safe, comfortable environment, away from interruptions, to maximize the learning outcome and experience of delegates Their interpersonal and facilitation skills are highly sensitive to the needs of the delegates, and deliver the highly sensitive subject matter in a professional but warm and caring way. Open Minds are a selfless organization, I feel very lucky to be a part of delivering their world class training sessions.‘