Press Press Release

Press Release on launch of

Self-harm 'motivated primarily by bullying'

Article on the BBC news website about why young people self-harm.

Stigma: A major barrier to prevention

Article on stigma in the Nursing Times.

International drive to reduce mental health stigma

Article in the BMA News about World Suicide Prevention Day

Mirror article on young women self-harming

Alys is interviewed for an article on self-harm.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Alys discusses self-harm on radio Gloucestershire

Listen here on iplayer (2.06:45 in)

The Psychiatrist E-Interview

Alys Cole-King has been interviewed for the November 2012 issue of 'The Psychiatrist' a monthly journal published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

We are extremely grateful to the journal for granting us permission to republish the interview here

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour


Alys Cole-King discusses teenage self-harm on Radio 4 Woman's hour.

Listen here on BBC iplayer.

The Lancet - A Profile of Alys Cole-King

Profile - Alys Cole-King: a pioneer of suicide mitigation in the UK (pdf)