Press Press Release

Press Release on launch of

Self-harm 'motivated primarily by bullying'

Article on the BBC news website about why young people self-harm.

International drive to reduce mental health stigma

Article in the BMA News about World Suicide Prevention Day

Stigma: A major barrier to prevention

Article on stigma in the Nursing Times.

Mirror article on young women self-harming

Alys is interviewed for an article on self-harm.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Alys discusses self-harm on radio Gloucestershire

Listen here on iplayer (2.06:45 in)

The Psychiatrist E-Interview

Alys Cole-King has been interviewed for the November 2012 issue of 'The Psychiatrist' a monthly journal published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

We are extremely grateful to the journal for granting us permission to republish the interview here

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour


Alys Cole-King discusses teenage self-harm on Radio 4 Woman's hour.

Listen here on BBC iplayer.

The Lancet - A Profile of Alys Cole-King

Profile - Alys Cole-King: a pioneer of suicide mitigation in the UK (pdf)